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Eltham never ceases to amaze me.
The place has such a rich history going back a thousand years and much more.

But just when I think we have run out of things to write about or say in the magazine, something pops up.

A quick look at ‘Famous People’ on the web site reveals Royalty: John of Eltham and Henry VIII to name but two. It was the home of Thomas Doggett, Commodore Sir William James (Severndroog). Getting a little closer to the 'here and now' we have John Arnold, Katherine O’Shea, Hubert Bland and Edith Nesbit. And in more recent times Bob Hope, The Courtaulds & Frankie Howerd.

While names still on our lips include Trudie Goodwin, Peter Howitt, Kate Bush, Boy George, Alan White, Jude law and sports stars such as Gavin Peacock.

And in the August issue we have a few more names to add to the list. The first is Billy (Bonzo) Bonds, who visited his local Eltham school during July (Page 29). Also long term resident Pamela Smith who is the subject of our Personal Eltham (Page 26) this month.

Billy’s stats are impressive;
793 games for West Ham over 21 seasons. 95 Charlton league games. FA Cup 1975 and 1980. Last game, 1988 aged 41 years.

Likewise Pamela Smith has a long list of highlights not limited to Mel C (Spice Girls) Harry Secombe,
The Beatles, The Who and Pink Floyd.

I do hope you enjoy reading about Billy and Pamela.

September 2014 out now.

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